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Rainbow Boa

17 Jul. 2014 Posted by HerpLobbyAdmin


To: Terry
From: Michael Sandlin

Sent from: Save Your Pet!!!

by Michael Sandlin
July 10, 2014

KANSAS CITY, MO. On my recent trip to Kansas City, MO., I attended the Lyons, Tigers, and Bears Symposium sponsored by the USDA/APHIS at their headquarters located there. I was hoping to learn from the veterinarian experts selected to speak at the event and of course I did. However, a clear and deliberate Animal Rights Agenda unfolded as speaker after speaker heralded the doctrine of limiting private ownership, placing animal needs above human needs, and the theory that human contact with animals is stressful to the genetic makeup of the animals. This sounds logical until you consider the animals' shrinking natural habitats, poaching, dying without veterinarian care, and lack of proper dietary needs that exist in the wild.

The list of attendees was a virtual who's who of the animal world from big city zoos to private circus owners. Oh, let us not forget that (HSUS) Humane Society of the United States representatives were there as well as (GFAS) Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries spewing hatred of private ownership. I could not help but begin to wonder if this was still a USDA sponsored event? I lost count of how many times (AZA) Association of Zoos and Aquariums and (GFAS) were mentioned throughout the two day event. Not to mention, an actual presentation by Benjamin Callison, executive director of HSUS sponsored Black Beauty Ranch.

Of Course, Benjamin Callison played a video featuring a rescue of some privately owned big cats allegedly abandoned and used it to call ALL private ownership irresponsible. Further, Tim Harrison, Outreach For Animals, used the Zanesville Ohio Massacre incident to discredit private ownership and made an attempt to dispute the growing belief that Terry Thompson did not commit suicide but was murdered with his animals. Then released and slaughtered by animal rights terrorists and local law enforcement.

The most alarming concern I have is the USDA seems to be embracing the animal rights ideology and their intentional violation of personal freedoms. Who will decide WHO gets to possess these animals? HSUS? GFAS? With more and more rights and personal freedoms being stripped away from the American people every day, will only a select few end up with these animals? What does this mean to the fate of these endangered species? Sounds like socialism or communism to me!

During the instruction given by Kellie Heckman, (GFAS), Kellie blurted out... "its' all about the money". Of course she immediately tried to cover up her comment when she heard the gasps come from the audience. But to no avail, the true intent of Animal Rights was exposed.... ITS' ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

Every Animal Industry in the country should be alarmed. Animal Rights is alive and well. It is being embraced by our own USDA and to remain silent about this would be a grave mistake. WAKE UP & SPEAK UP!!!

Tiger Truck Stop, Inc.

15 Nov. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Legal Alert!!!

DON’T LET THE GOVERNMENT TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS! The OHIO EXOTIC ANIMAL LAW will be heard in U.S. appellate court on Nov. 22. Please make a donation to the legal fund. 100% goes for attorney fees. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!

14 Aug. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Ohio Shows

The Ohio Reptile Shows, some of the sleaziest shows in the country are held in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati on a monthly basis. The Ohio reptile shows have donated an average of $33 dollars, in total contributions, to our S.B. 310 legal battle. Do not support shows that will not stand up for our industry.

14 Aug. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Daytona Reptile Show Auction

The annual Daytona Reptile Show will be held this week The proceeds from the auction are going to USARK and PIJAC the two major enemies of our industry. USARK is owned by Gary Bagnell who also owns California Zoological and Zoomed. Bagnell has never been a supporter of large constrictor, large monitors, crocodilians and venemous snakes. Every penny raised at the auction is another penny we will have to fight against. Have fun at the show but don't participate in the auction.

Bagnell finacially supports the Daytona and NARBC(Bob Ashley and Brian Potter) shows.

23 Feb. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Herp Lobby vs. the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Zoos Association of America

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the Zoos Association of America (ZAA) have declared war on private sector exotic animal owners. For well over a decade AZA has been working hand in hand with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to shut down the private ownership o exotic animals. ZAA is a more recent, fledgling AZA knockoff that wants to be a part of the explicit monopoly that AZA has established.

Both AZA and ZAA really showed their hands in their over the top partnership with HSUS in Ohio last year. Both organizations are ripe for a lawsuit in defense of our industry. Preparation for the AZA/ZAA lawsuit is underway and we will move full speed ahead once Wilkins vs. the State of Ohio is settled.

One of the first motions that Herp Lobby put before the courts in Wilkins vs the State of Ohio was to recover any and all expenses in that case. Similar motions will be filed in all suits and those dollars will be rolled over for subsequent law suits. We not only have to show that we have the willingness to sue but that we also have the financial ability to follow through. Be a part of the solution and donate today!

23 Feb. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Wilkins vs. the U.S. Department of the Interior

Long before Wilkins vs. the State of Ohio was even contemplated Herp Lobby had started work on a law suit against the U.S. Department of the Interior's Boa and Python ban. Herp Lobby's legal team has developed a winning strategy and will file suit once we have raised $12,000.00 to pay for the feasibility study, case brief, and court fees.

Herp Lobby has set up a separate account for the USDI law suit. Members can designate funds for the USDI account. In the near future there will be an added link on this site that keeps an updated running account of funds raised for this lawsuit. Keep watch and help out!

21 Feb. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

The Battle Continues

The lawsuit in Ohio continues in the federal court system, please continue to help Herp Lobby in the battle! Herp Lobby and The Ohio Association of Animal Owners (OAAO) in partnership against filed suit against the state of Ohio over Ohio's exotic animal ban, commonly referred to as John Mack 310. Herp Lobby and OAAO have filed an appeal of a lower federal court's decision in that case which is headed to the U.S. Sixth District Court of Appeals. Judge Robert Smith's ruling in the case was a weak political decision, which, we are confident, will be overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. This case is the first ever law suit filed by our industry to defend our industry. The results of Wilkins vs. the State of Ohio will have national implications on both proposed and enacted legislation in Nevada, Virginia, Connecticut, West Virginia, etc.. Every member of the herp community should be contributing financially to this court battle.

20 Feb. 2013 Posted by Herp Lobby

Raffle Entries

We currently have a raffle for a rosehair tarantula and setup. The raffle tickets are $1 per ticket and can be purchased at 1259 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229. The drawing will occur on the first Friday of March. Help us continue to fight the laws.